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Body Jet Liposuction Cost

While laser or VASER liposuction techniques are quite popular, body jet liposuction is a procedure few lipo candidates have heard of. Body jet liposuction (also known as water assisted liposuction, water liposuction) is a relatively new liposuction techinique that uses high pressure salty water jet to loosen fat prior to sectioning it out. Treating target areas with high pressure water jet needs anesthesia, which means that body jet liposuction cost will include anesthesia costs. Generally, body jet liposuction cost is approximately the same as vaser liposuction cost or tumescent liposuction cost , ranging $2000 to $8000, depending on body area you want to treat, clinic location and the doctor who performs the surgery.

Body jet liposuction advantages

Body jet liposuction liposuction was first used in Germany in 2006. This technique eliminates the need to make intense cannula movement, which decreases trauma to neighboring nerves and blood vessels. While the procedure typically involves the use of the same fluid and tumescent liposuction, the fluid amount kept in the body at any given time is much smaller, which gives the surgeon the possibility to better access the body contour as compared with tumescent liposuction. In addition, body jet liposuction has another big advantage for women to what to make dramatic improvements to their body curving. The procedure leaves the fat removed from the body live and healthy, which means that it can be implanted in other body areas, like breasts or buttocks. Using your own fat tissues for beast or buttock augmentation is much healthier and safer than synthetic implants.

How to reduce body jet liposuction cost

If you want to treat several body areas, consult with your doctor about the possibility to make all the corrections in one session because body jet liposuction cost per an additional are may as low as $1200 because of less time take, the surgical facility and anesthesia will already be paid for. Working on each area separately will cost much more.

Also, having the procedure done in larger cities Like New-York or LA is more expensive, so if you want to reduce body jet liposuction cost you should consider other locations. Just remember one important thing when choosing a body jet liposuction clinic: the procedure should be done by a Board certified surgeon only, if you really want everything to go well. Using the services of a Board certified surgeon may increase body jet liposuction cost and compared with non-certified surgeons, but safety should always be in the first place. ABMS Member Board certification is a volunteer procedure and being certified means that the doctor has exceptional expertise in a particular specialty or even subspecialty of medical practice, as opposed the having medical licence, which is a minimum competency requirement for carrying out medical practice, but, however, is not specialty specific. In order to receive Board certification, doctor undergo a rigorous evaluation and testing to ensure that patients receive treatment adequate to the title.