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Breast Liposuction Cost

Breast liposuction cost is the least thing patients think of, especially if the patient is male. You may be surprised, but men are interested in breast liposuction even more than women. This is because large breasts are the citadel of women’s beauty and maternity. In men even slightly larger breasts are a big issue and serious psychological problem.

Breast Liposuction Cost for Women

Larger breasts are what many women are aiming at. However, excessively larger breasts cause not just aesthetic but also medical problems; such as back or ache, or dermatological problems. More severe problems are bone malformation or difficulties in breathing. As a rule, women above 40 suffer from too large breasts. While female breast liposuction cost ranges $ 3,000 - $ 7,500. Female breast liposuction cost is higher than for men because female breasts are generally larger and the manipulation requires better skilled surgeons.

Male Breast Liposuction Cost

Although liposuction costs for men are generally higher than for women, breast liposuction cost for men is lower. There are a number of factors that decrease male liposuction cost, such as no downtime or hospitalization, no general anesthesia, relatively small amount of fat removed. In addition, men may return to work nest day after the procedure, which also means lower breast liposuction cost. Male breast liposuction cost ranges $ 3,000 - $ 5,000, depending on the amount of excess fat and size of the area treated. However, you should note that breast liposuction and male breast reduction may involve different procedures and the latter may be more expensive. Male breast liposuction alone will completely correct the problem only is you have the so-called pseudo-gynecomastia, or in other words, the enlarged breasts are formed only with fatty tissues while the mammal glands are not overgrown. Please note that if you have true gynecomastia (excess growth of mammal breast tissue in men), as opposed to pseudo-gynecomastia, excess fatty tissues on the breast which are typical for overweight men, you’ll have to add the cost of mammal tissue reduction to breast liposuction cost. Unfortunately, true gynecomastia is becoming a more and more common in men and occurs not just in overweight men, due to a number of factors: underlying health conditions, hormones found in food and drinking water, use of steroids (in body builders), unhealthy diet.

While having large breasts is normal and even desired for women, for men it’s a distressful condition that affects many aspects of life and lowers self-esteem. Male breast liposuction, sometimes combined with mammal tissue incision, is one of the ways to resolve the big boob problem for men. In the past 18 months the number of male breast liposuction procedures dramatically increased.