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What Increases the Cost of Liposuction

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Full Body Liposuction Cost

The best way to find out full body liposuction cost is to request a quote at the clinic, by phone or by email. On this page, we can only give approximate price ranges for the procedure. Speaking about the exact cost of full body liposuction cost next to impossible due to a number of factors. Full body liposuction cost depends on the number of areas you want to improve, the type of procedure you choose for specific areas, the amount of fat you want to be removed. Please, also note that the things you want to have done may differ from what you actually can or will be recommened to have done. For example, your doctor may find it too dangerous for you to remove too much fat in one session or your cannot have have general anesthesia for health reasons. That will also affect full body liposuction cost. Another reason to contact a liposuction clinic is to find out whether you are a good candidate for the full body liposuction.

Having large amounts of fat removed from the body is associated with significant fluid loss, which can be risky. In any case, as with any kind if service, when you make a bulk purchase you may figure upon bulk discount. So having the procedure done on the full body is cheaper than the sum of the costs of all the body areas done separately

Full Body Liposuction Cost Different clinics have different price policies. Generally, it is $20,000 & up. However, remember to specify what “the full body package” includes. Typically, full body liposuction includes belly, thighs, buttocks, arms, outer chest and breasts, flanks, back, chin, neck, calves and ankles. In some clinics you may be offered the following package: “ $4000 per 1st area, $2000 per any additional area”, which may be more favorable for some people. As a rule, “per area” cost means it is for paired areas (such as hips or arms) as well as for non-paired areas . Now you see why the question how much does liposuction cost? is not easy to answer straightforward.

What are the cutbacks on full body liposuction cost?

In fact, full body liposuction cost in India is considerably cheaper than in other countries, even taking into account the cost of traveling. However, it is critically important to make sure you choose a qualified surgeon with a reputable history and large experience before you decide on that lipo trip, even there are quite many positive customer responses about full body liposuction done in India.