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How Much Does Liposuction Cost in India?

Liposuction cost in India is definitely much lower than in the US, Canada or Europe, which is why India attracts more and more lipo vacationers every year. One of the major factors increasing the popularity of liposuction treatment in India are medical advancements that took place in the country in the past years, whereas the salaries are still low, which allows to keep the prices for the plastic surgery and other medical procedures on a low.

Generally, the lowest grade for liposuction costs in India is around $700 per procedure (includes surgeons + hospital fees), which is around INR 35000 (Thirty Five Thousand Indian Rupees). For the lowest price, you can have the procedure on smaller areas like neck, chin, arms, or on larger areas, like abdomen, thighs or love handles - if unwanted fat deposits on such areas as are small and you are overall slim. As anywhere, breast, back, hip and abdominal liposuction cost in India are higher and the cost may increase by 2 times. Liposuction cost in India for men may be a bit higher than for women because male fat is more fibrous and is more difficult to remove, which need additional skills. You can have full body liposuction done for as low as $ 6000. Laser, VASER or tumescent liposuction cost in India are approximately the same as above, although each method requires that the surgeon have additional experience with specific medical equipment. If you want to know the cost of liposuction in Indian Rupees, multiply the dollar cost by around 50.

Prices for Non Surgical Liposuction in India

The so-called non-invasive liposuction techniques that use either the laser, ultrasound or injections to dissolve fat, without the use of scalpel and fat draining, may cost as low as $20 - $40 per session. Please note that you may need to have multiple sessions in order to get satisfactory results. As the time span between consecutive non-surgical liposuction procedures is about 1-2 months, having multiple procedures may be not so cheap and convenient for vacationers form the US or Europe, unless you are staying in the country of a few months. Travelling to Hyderabad or Mumbai only to have a single session of non-surgical laser is not cost effective. However, if your problem areas are not large, fat deposits are not so essential, you eat healthy and exercise regularly, and you happened to spend you vacation in Goa, having a laser or ultrasound non-surgical lipo at a low cost can be a good idea due to little or no side effects. Injections can cause swelling or allergic reactions, so they may be not the best choice at that specific time at place, especially in such a hot climate.

Pre and post - operative Diagnostic tests, compression garments, additional procedures and treatments other than done in the course of the surgery are not included in the above liposuction prices . Please, also note that the initial visit to the doctors office will also be paid, the fee is around $10.

Where to have liposuction in India?

Cosmetic Surgery Institute at India has surgical centers in Goa and Mumbai. Other major clinics are found in Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Chinchwad, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mohali, Noida, Pune, Surat (see the map).

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