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Liposuction Cost, UK

As anywhere, liposuction cost in the UK depends on a number of factors, such as the amount of the excess fat you want to remove, the area and the number of areas you want to treat, the patient’s size and treated body area size, the patient’s gender, the qualification of the surgeon who will perform liposuction, the type of the liposuction performed, the equipment used, the need for hospitalization and anaesthesia. Liposuction cost in UK also vary from clinic to clinic, that the why you can know the exact cost of the procedure only if you obtain the quote directly at the clinic.

Typically, UK liposuction costs start from as little as £1,550 per area and goes upwards, up to approximately £5,000 per area, depending on the factors listed above. For example, you can have chin liposuction in the UK for the price £1,550 while back or stomach liposuction will cost something like £5,000. Again, these are just approximate figures for you to know how the cost of liposuction in the UK may differ for different body areas. You can check our liposuction cost list too see how liposuction costs vary for different body areas and what a the price proportions. Please, not that the average prices are in US dollars.

Cost of Liposuction in the UK in Different Locations

For example, liposuction costs in the clinics in the Harley Street (London) will be much higher that in any other areas because it is considered that the most reputable and prestigious clinics are located in that area. This does not necessarily mean that other UK clinics perform liposuction on a lower grade level: generally, UK liposuction clinics are known for their reliability. Remember that everything depends on the experience and qualification of the surgeon, that is why it is critically important to seek for proof of the surgeon’s experience and accomplishments.

Cost of Different Liposuction Techniques in the UK

Having liposuction done the traditional way is cheaper. However, the risk of complications with the traditional method when the ft tissues are mechanically loosened by the cannula and sucked out, is much higher. However, modern liposuction techniques involve the use of hi-end equipment that reduces the damages to the neighboring body tissues and quickens recovery.

Laser assisted liposuction is the technique where the fat is melted by laser inserted into the cannula before removal. VASER liposuction breaks down the fat by the means of sound waves before it is removed from under the skin. These procedures require additional costly equipment that is why VASER liposuction cost and laser liposuction cost in the UK will the higher. You may need to add from extra £500 to £1000 or even more per area.

Generally, liposuction cost in the UK is higher than in most other European countries, such as France or Belgium, not least of all due to economic factors, higher salaries and rent fees. However, having liposuction abroad is not always a great deal because you should consider the cost of travelling, accommodation and other possible extra fees.