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Liposuction Cost: Myths

Liposuction cost is one of the major concerns for people who want to make their body smarter. Read about the most common liposuction cost related myths below. We hope this information helps you make the right choice.

Myth 1: Liposuction costs are affordable only for rich people.

Liposuction is becoming an increasingly popular procedure, not just among women but also among men. The quality of liposuction equipment and precision of the procedure are constantly growing, new liposuction methods are introduced, more are more doctors are trained to be liposuction surgeons, the number of plastic surgery clinics is constantly growing, many patients trip abroad to have liposuction. All these factors increase competence among local liposuction clinics and doctors, which decreases liposuction cost. In addition, in many cases fat reduction procedure can be performed in the doctor’s office with also means lower liposuction costs. For reference, do you remember the times when the first computers appeared? How productive and handy they were and how much they cost? Right, high costs, low productivity and very limited abilities. Look at the modern computers, portable, 100 000 as powerful, accessible to everyone and 100 times as cheap. The same thing happens with liposuction costs.

Myth 2: Liposuction cost is the same for men and women.

Although liposuction is most popular among women and women tend to spend more on the body sculpturing procedures per session, liposuction cost per area is higher for men. There are two major reasons for that. The first one is that liposuction costs depend on the size of the target area and the amount of fat that the person wants to part with. As a male body is generally larger than a female body, so are the target areas. The second reason is that the fat in a male body is more fibrous which makes it more difficult and time consuming to remove and, in addition, requires a higher qualified surgeon in order to minimize the damage to the tissues. Note that men have liposuction mostly on body areas where the fat is most stubborn and fibrous, such as the abdomen, love handles and the chest. Women frequently have the procedure done on chin and neck, the cheapest areas where the fat is soft and easy to remove.

Myth 3: Higher liposuction cost always means better quality.

Liposuction cost depends on a number of factors besides the qualification of the surgeon and the quality of equipment. For example, rental costs depend on the location of the clinic. In addition, clinics located in the areas with higher standards of well-being, which means higher salaries and higher requirements to a person’s appearance, may set higher prices for liposuction. In the areas where people have to wear low-cut garments the cost of liposuction can also be higher as the procedure is in greater demand.

Myth 4: Liposuction cost is never covered by insurance plans.

Today there are insurance plans that cover liposuction cost as a medically necessary, health related procedure. Specifically, may breast reduction may be covered by insurance. Just do some research or contact various insurance companies.

Myth 5: Overseas liposuction is a great alternative for it’s lower cost.

You should be very careful about having liposuction overseas on in countries with lower labor cost. Although the surgical costs may actually be 2-4 fold lower, the risk of complications may be higher and the chance to get compensation for the damage done to your health will be lower. Remember: qualification of the surgeon and reputation of the clinic should be your primary governing factors.

Myth 6: Full body liposuction cost is the sum of costs per area.

Full body liposuction cost is considerably lower because the procedure is done in one session which reduces facility, anesthesia and some other costs.

Myth 7: Alternatives to liposuction are always cheaper.

Not always true. You may need to have several treatment sessions with non-invasive laser or ultrasound procedures, lipodissolve or mesotherapy to achieve the same effect as with just one liposuction surgery. The total cost may be approximately the same, the result - most likely, not so prominent.