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What Increases the Cost of Liposuction

Aside from the average cost of liposuvtion, ceratin factors may increase the price. Read when the cost of liposuction may be above the average. What Increases the Cost of Liposuction Know More..>>

Liposuction Cost By Location

Liposuction costs vary in different states and countries. Read how the location affects liposuction costs. Liposuction Costs By Location Know More..>>

Liposuction Costs for Men

Liposuction costs for men given here are approximate. Liposuction costs for men vary depending on the location of the clinic, reputation and qualification of the surgeon, liposuction method and equipment used, anesthesia costs, the number of procedures required to achieve the desired result. Therefore it is highly recommended to obtain the quotes directly from clinics.

Average Cost of Liposuction for Men

Taking into view the above factors, men who want to reduce their fat deposits should account on the following costs of the procedure (liposuction for men, prices on per area basis):

Chin & Neck: $3,500 Back: $4,000 Abdomen: $6,500 Breasts: $3,000 (without extension to armpits) Buttocks: $3,500 Arms: $4,000 Thighs and Knees: $4,000 Flanks: $4,000 “Love handles”: $4,000

What Increases Liposuction Cost for Men?

Generally, mens’ liposuction costs are higher than those for women due to a number of factors:

Male Breast Liposuction Cost

Male breasts have become an issue of the past decades, so increased the demand for male breast liposuction surgery. Excess male breast tissue growth is known as gynecomastia (abnormally large breasts), the condition that causes serious psychological problems in men. In most cases, surgical reduction of the breasts is the only way to return to normal male body shape. Typically, male breast liposuction cost is around $3,000 if fat deposits are not extended to the armpits. For larger excess fat deposits additional fees may incur.

Liposuction costs for menare becoming an issue as the procedure becomes more and more popular not just among women who care about their aesthetics but also men who what to make their body more attractive and gain more self-confidence. However, statistics show that for men liposuction cost is less an issue than for women, whereas the real issue is to make up their mind to have the surgery. This happens mostly because women are generally more concerned about their appearance and today’s beauty standards are really high.