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Lunchtime Liposuction Cost

Unlike with other liposuction methods, there is not much information on the so-called lunchtime liposuction and its cost on the web. Many liposuction candidates are not even sure what lunchtime lipo is and how exactly it differs from other body sculpturing methods. On this page, we will attempt to dissolve all the questions.

What is lunchtime liposuction?

“Lunchtime liposuction” is actually not a liposuction technique but rather a generalized term used mostly in the UK with regards to the various methods that totally eliminate surgical invasion, require no general anaesthesia or no anaesthesia at all, promise quick recovery without serious complications and your skin remains intact. The word “lunchtime” implies that you can have your new body done during your lunch break and then get back to work immediately (although the latter is not recommended by the doctors). No cuts, sutures and blood or days spent in the hospital bed.

The known patented names for such procedures are UltraShape (uses ultra sound energy to break up fat cells), Lipodissolve (uses drug injections to alter metabolism in the target area and dissolve fat), Smart Lipo, Zerona or Laser Lipolysis (destroying fat cells by the means of laser). The cost of this lunchtime liposuction procedure is much lower than that of any liposuction surgery - aroung £200 ($300) to £800 ($1200) per procedure, while the average liposuction cost will be around $3000-$5000 per area. Lunchtime lipo prices are lower because it does not require the surgeon’s skill to such as extent as a surgery does, or any specialized operating room. There is no actual suctioning of the fat - the destroyed fat is flushed out of your body by the means of your natural metabolism. lunchtime liposuction is not for obese people - it’s for those who are in overall good shape but want to correct those little flaws that won’t yield to exercise and diet, because the progress is measured in a few centimeters per session.

As all lunchtime liposuction procedures use of local anesthesia only or none at all, it not just reduces the risks of complications from general anesthesia but also gives the patient the opportunity to talk to the surgeon during the procedure and ask questions, which gives more comfort and confidence. Some patients may even read or use their laptops. Eliminating the need for general general anesthesia also lowers lunchtime liposuction cost at least by about $1000.

Lunchtime liposuction can be done in several sessions, from 1 to 6. How many sessions you need to get be body of your dream (or at least, of your reasonable expectations) depends on how much fat you have in your target area, how fibrous the fat is, how goof is your body’s metabolism, how much you exercise. Generally, doctors recommend to drink plenty of water and follow a low-carb diet the first days after the procedure. This will help achieve maximum effect from the session and reduce the number of additional sessions, thus reducing lunchtime liposuction cost for you. I, for one, always prioritize safety over other criteria, like effectiveness or the how fast I see the result, so lower lunchtime liposuction prices are not the only reason to try improving my body that way.