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How Much Does Mesotherapy Cost?

Mesotherapy cost is not high as compared with other body sculpturing procedures, like liposuction. Lipo prices include anesthesia and facility costs, surgeons fees are also very high because the procedure needs qualification and skills. Mesotherapy cost only comprises the cost of injection and injected cocktail. However, the price range is varies considerably depending on where you want it done and the qualification on the doctor, from $300 in Toronto, Canada to $2,500 in Dallas,TX or NYC. In Asian countries, Egypt, Philippines or India , the cost of mesotherapy may be as low as $15 per series. However, the risk of serious side effects is too high - don’t compromise your health with such low cost procedures.

Mesotherapy side effects - the extra price you may have to pay

Mesotherapy if offered at an increasing number of cosmetic surgery clinics as a non-surgical liposuction alternative. Originally, the procedure was introduced to treat or relieve a wide range of other medical conditions. In the course of the procedure the problem area is treated with the help of injections of natural substances such as minerals, plant extracts, amino acids, homeopathic medicines and vitamins which block alpha receptors responsible for lipogenesis (fat production) and stimulate beta receptors responsible for lipolysis (fat breakdown). As a rule, the full treatment course includes 4-15 sessions.

The indubitable advantage of this body sculpturing method is elimination of the horrible invasion into the patient’s body with the cannula and the concomitant damage to the tissues . In addition, mesotherapy makes your skin more elastic and even improves cellulite. But as any medial procedure, it has its portion of side effects.

So, you see that mesotherapy is really one of the safest body contouring procedures. However, it is important to remember that the result from mesotherapy is not as instant as with liposuction and it is good only for small or moderate fat deposits. In addition, the effect from mesotherapy will be different in different patients, which is probably the major reason why some physicians are still doubtful about the effectiveness of the procedure as a universal body sculpturing method. Although mesotherapy side effects appear to be mild you should always consult with you doctor before deciding to have mesotherapy or any other non invasive liposuction alternative - beauty should not cost you the most precious - health! Don’t let low mesotherapy costs besot you, always have safety as the major priority!