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What Increases the Cost of Liposuction

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Mini Liposuction Cost

Mini liposuction, also known as high definition liposuction, is the best for people with normal to small weight and good muscle tone. This surgery is targeted at the small areas with stubborn fat pouches which won’t go away no matter how you try - dieting or doing exhausting exercise. It’s not a weight-loss method but correction of disproportion, for example, when further dieting makes your bones stick out, but the fat pouch still remains. Mini liposuction procedure offers a pleasant bonus - mini-prices. In most cases, mini liposuction cost is under $2,500 (surgeon’s fee). However, in In New York City or San Francisco the cost may be higher than in other cities. If the cost of mini liposuction is above that sum, it could be some other procedure marketed as mini-liposuction. You should contact the clinic for specifications and exact quotes.

Basically, mini-liposuction uses the well-known tumescent technique, but all is smaller proportions - smaller target areas, smaller instrument, short time (less than 1 hour or even 30 min).

How mini-liposuction differs from the traditional liposuction

Although different surgeons may have different approaches to the definition of mini-liposuction, use different liposuction techniques and marketing terms may also vary (like mini ultrasonic liposuction cavitation), all mini liposuction specialists say that small problem areas, small fat volume and smaller price is the baseline. Otherwise, mini lipo is just a marketing term.

Can I have mini liposuction on abdomen, hips or thighs?

Typical mini liposuction areas include the area around the knees or the elbows, armpits and upper chest near the armpits, chin, neck, but you can have it done on abdomen, hips or thighs, if you don’t need to remove much fat and your abdomen or thigh areas are not large. However, if you are overweight, it is unlikely that you will be satisfied with mini liposuction results. Although lower mini liposuction cost makes it very attractive, for an overweight person the improvement will also be of “mini” type. Mini liposuction candidates have normal weight, some of them are even thin. What the procedure targets is disproportions.