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Tumescent Liposuction Cost

Tumescent Liposuction cost primarily depends on the area, size of the treated area and the amount of fat that needs to be removed. However, there are a number of factors that influence the tumescent liposuction cost, as well as liposuction costs in general. Tumescent Liposuction costs vary from state to state and from clinic to clinic. The good news is that tumescent liposuction does not require special facilities, like operating room, and general anesthesia, which significantly reduces the cost of this procedure.
You can get precise tumescent liposuction quotes only from specific liposuction clinics.Remember to ask if the quotes are for surgical costs only or include all the fees associated with tumescent liposuction procedure. When you request a quote for tumescent liposuction costs, also make sure the price includes both sides for double areas such as hips, buttocks, arms etc, and not just one side.

What Influences Tumescent Liposuction Cost

How Much Does Tumescent Liposuction Cost?Like with no other liposuction method, the results and cost of tumescent liposuction depend of the qualification and experience of the surgeon because of some peculiarities of this lipo technique. In the course of tumescent liposuction special fluid, (salt water and anesthetic solution with adrenaline) is injected under the skin in targeted areas. This flied tightens the skin and tissues and reduces blood loss and bruising, but the tissues are visually distorted because of the swelling. That is why the surgeon does not see how the area actually looks during the procedure but rather knows how it should look when the tumescent is gone. Thus, having tumescent liposuction done by an experienced, certified surgeon will add some extra cost.
If you want to save on tumescent liposuction, save on anything but not the surgeon.
The equipment used to perform the procedure also influences the cost of tumescent liposuction. The tumescent liposuction is all about the size and the quality of the cannula, the instrument used to loosen the unwanted fat and extract it from the body. The right cannula is the basis of successful tumescent liposuction.
In some cases the surgeon may decide to add laser to facilitate fat loosening if the fat is too persistent, this decreases the damage to the tissues.

Average Costs of Tumescent Liposuction

These figures are very approximate and include surgical costs only.

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